We truly understand the industry and its challenges

Specialising in the construction and property industry, we have a wide knowledge and vast network across all sectors.

We work with a variety of clients from property developers, investors and housebuilders to building contractors and civil engineers.  We help businesses recruit across the UK and internationally at all levels of mid and senior management.  All of our appointments are managed on an exclusive basis, giving you unique access to key employers.

We seek out great talent, in a discrete and professional manner.  Listed here are our current assignments.  If you are thinking about developing your career, would like to find out more about a particular role or want to make a confidential recommendation, please get in touch.

We’re not new to this!  We really understand the industry because of our time-tested experience. We know what challenges you face and we are dedicated to working with you to overcome them.  But don’t just take our word for it – read our client testimonials or get in touch to find out for yourself.

Current Assignments

Regional Managing Director
P&L c£100

Chief Financial Officer, Scotland
Built Environment
P&L c£300m

Project Director, Glasgow
General Building
Project Value c£100m

Property Development Director, UK
Built Environment
P&L >£500m

Business Unit Leader, Aberdeen
Facilities Management
P&L c£150m

Commercial Project Lead, Scotland
General Building
Project Value c£60m

Senior Project Manager, Scotland
General Building
Project Value Various

Design Manager, Scotland
General Building
P&L c £150m

Mechanical Estimating Specialist, Scotland
General Building
P&L c£300m

Estimator, Scotland
General Building
P&L c£300

Estimator/Data Analyst, Scotland
General Building
P&L >£200m