For many businesses, the most efficient way to manage strategic recruitment is to use the services of an experienced, external agency.  But how do you ensure that you maximise this relationship to get the most out of your investment?

1. Welcome us in to your business

At Mackenzie England, relationships are important to us; you could say we’re driven by them. By inviting us to meet with your senior team, we can learn what is required from the role and gain an understanding of the expectations of each team member. Opportunities like this, where we meet with the key people in your business, mean we get to know, and truly understand, your business. This knowledge and understanding helps us to successfully attract talent that will grow with your business in the long term.

2. Discuss your business goals

We want to deliver maximum value to clients so it’s important to ensure that we recruit for the long-term. It’s crucial that we know what your business growth plans are so that we can structure the role as a key part of the growing business and identify the best candidate for your business today, and in the future. For example, if we have prior knowledge that you are looking to expand your service into a new sector, we can recruit someone that has the experience to help you achieve this; even if the role doesn’t immediately identify it as a task.

3. Tell us about your existing teams

Contrary to popular belief, recruitment isn’t always about salaries and job descriptions (see my earlier blog on why a team is more important than a hire). Putting together the perfect team to help your business prosper is only possible if you tell us about your existing employees, and their personalities and skills. By involving us in this ‘bigger picture’ we can help you to build a profile for the role; one that will be the best possible fit for your business goals and your current team.

4. Develop the brief in partnership

For recruitment to deliver the best, long-term results – and to make the investment worthwhile – it is essential that you get the brief right from the beginning. Our experience and industry insight means we have knowledge of the type of roles, skills, and personalities required to drive success in the construction and property industry whether the market is thriving, declining, or recovering. As your business partner, we will work in close co-operation with you to develop a robust brief that outlines the skills and attributes of the desired candidate. Communication is key so it’s essential that everyone shares the same expectation of the role so that when your candidate starts in post they can hit the ground running. One size does not fit all, so to ensure that reality is meeting expectation in terms of candidates, we will work with you to review the brief after the first set of candidates are presented.

5. Keep an open mind

The only way to fully benefit from the relationship is to build it from mutual transparency and integrity. We know the market and we will work with you to understand your business and the needs of the role. However, we always look at the ‘big picture’ and focus our efforts to give you open, honest, independent advice and guidance; so we need you to trust us!

Our networks are vast – we really are very well connected – yet we pride ourselves on our discretion. We work on an exclusive basis and as we take the time to get to know your business, we always explore all options. Sometimes a candidate doesn’t immediately appear to be an obvious fit for a role, however our approach often uncovers talent that is difficult to communicate with, let alone secure.  So be open minded and look at the options – we only recommend an individual for a role if we believe they are the right fit, both for your business and for their career.


Martin Mackenzie is director of executive search company Mackenzie England.  Based in central Scotland, serving the whole of the UK and working internationally, Martin and business partner Pia pride themselves in being distinctly different; they explore all options to help their clients identify and attract exceptional talent.  They will always be straightforward and honest, providing you with independent advice and guidance.  If you’d like to find out more please get in touch

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