With the growth of internal recruitment teams and, in particular, online professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, you may be questioning the value of hiring an executive search consultancy, like Mackenzie England, to help you find new talent for your business.  It’s important to remember that not all agencies are the same, and we pride ourselves on being distinctly different.  Here are 5 reasons we believe your business should be embracing a head-hunter relationship such as ours for your strategic recruitment:

1. We know where to look

At Mackenzie England we have developed our networks and kept in touch with people for many years so we truly understand the sub-cultures of the industry we operate within.  We also only work on an exclusive basis; this has developed trust for our name in the market and candidates know that when we call, the role is for real, which means that we get to those who are “untouchable”.  Also and equally important, because the market knows that we only operate on an exclusive basis, candidates know that we will not be one of many agencies all clamouring to ‘bag’ a candidate before the other!

2. We can attract the best

We have industry insight and a vast network, so we know what talent is out there and from experience, we understand the motivation behind a decision to make a move (and it’s not always financial!).  Our approach often uncovers talent that is difficult to communicate with, let alone secure; and almost all our successful candidates aren’t actively looking for a new role when we approach them.

3. We are more cost effective

The recruitment process can be expensive, so it’s important that you make your investment worthwhile (as discussed in Part 1 of this blog).  The hires we make stay in post for a long time, so over time, your investment in our fees becomes VERY affordable.  We believe that by trusting in the skills of a business that specialises in recruitment in your industry, you will avoid wasting time and not make poor recruitment decisions.  It’s also a more efficient use of your already busy senior team’s time as we remove the need for endless hours of CV scanning and interviewing unsuitable candidates.  It doesn’t make good business sense to have your team distracted from their day job, in order to take on the onerous task of hiring.

4. We are low risk

We are relationship driven, so your business success is important to us. We will only recommend an individual for a role if we believe they are the right fit, both for your business and for their long-term career, so we will always work with you until get the right result.

5.We get results

We share a common goal: to help your business prosper. To our clients we are their ‘eyes and ears’ in the construction industry talent pool and we pride ourselves in an adopting an approach that often uncovers hard-to-find talent.  There’s always one person out there, no matter how hard the search, for whom the role makes sense.  We will find that person!

And one final point to note: When you find the right executive search agency, the only way to fully benefit from the relationship and benefit from points outlined above is to build a relationship of mutual transparency and integrity.


Martin Mackenzie is director of executive search company Mackenzie England.  Based in central Scotland, serving the whole of the UK and working internationally, Martin and business partner Pia pride themselves in being distinctly different; they explore all options to help their clients identify and attract exceptional talent.  They will always be straightforward and honest, providing you with independent advice and guidance.  If you’d like to find out more please get in touch

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